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HYDROSTOP PremiumCoat Butter Grade Flashing


HydroStop PremiumCoat Butter Grade Flashing is a water-based, high solids elastomeric sealant utilizing the latest advances in advanced acrylic technology. Manufactured from a unique acrylic resin specifically designed to provide increased tensile strength and elongation on roof problem areas, its thick, buttery consistency allows it to be easily worked into gaps and heavily alligatored areas. It has excellent adhesion to asphaltic roofing, metal, concrete, wood, Hypalon and SPF.


  • Use to level out low-lying roof areas less than/equal to in depth
  • Use to bridge small gaps between plywood seams
  • Use to fill small voids on metal roofs
  • Work into heavily alligatored areas in weathered built-up roofing

Sizes Available:

  • 2 gallon (7.6 liter) bucket
  • 5 gallon (19 liter) pail
  • 54 gallon drum
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Wood s Roofing Images
Wood s Roofing Images
Wood s Roofing Images
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